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Development Management

Working with IMS is always a pleasure! Everyone at IMS has been so responsive and prompt in dealing with the many details and issues associated with turning architectural and engineering drawings into real buildings.

Bernard L. Weinstein

Our team of professionals has extensive experience and works directly with you to bring your vision to a reality. We designate ourselves to be the point of contact throughout the process, coordinating with the lender, architect, general contractor, local officials and you, the client. Tasks we handle include:

  • Site Identification
  • Coordinating loan process
  • Communicating with local Government authorities
  • Architectural Design Input
  • Coordinating and attending draw and construction meetings
  • Coordinating and attending routine property inspections required by Lender
  • Employing the appropriate personnel (if required)
  • Developing marketing brochures (if required)
  • Start-up Leasing (if required)
  • Asset management services optional
  • Property Management services optional


Managed Properties